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Syracuse Daily Links - SU Basketball Roster Thoughts

Poliquin: As the Syracuse University basketball roster is loaded, somebody may leave . . . right? |
It could happen, of course, that none of those Orange players will blink. That each of them thinks it’ll be the other guy(s) who’ll be left without a chair when the music stops. But that would make for a chancy bet, and if everybody makes it there will be some serious grinding of teeth and/or slumping of shoulders.

Is Dion Waiters Done at Syracuse? |
I'll say this about Dion Waiters. The kid has enormous confidence. More than any freshman I have ever come across in my 15 years covering Syracuse athletics in the media and another 15 years or so spent as a fan in the stands. Could this be a simple case of two egos colliding? Dion's vision of the type of player he was going to be at Syracuse clashing with what Boeheim has in mind for him?

Nolan's inbox: Syracuse University linebackers show promise, but the group is small and has a lot of work to do |
On the weak side is really one of the stories of spring camp. Dyshawn Davis, a true freshman who spent last fall at Milford Academy, appears to have moved into position to be a starter next fall. Davis, a 6-2, 206-pound former safety and wide receiver, seems to be able to make plays, despite the fact that he has little experience at the position. He was a special project for linebacker coaches Dan Conley and John Anselmo this spring after it became apparent that Hawkes was going to be a problem.

Landry Fields on His First Year As a Knick -- The Sports Section
It was strange, because people were down on me because the Pac-10 had a bad year, whatever that means. I think people just don't watch the Pac-10. They're too busy watching Syracuse games, I guess. They're on every night here.

Lamar men's basketball to play five games in Canada - Beaumont Enterprise
The schedule for Pat Knight's first season as Lamar University men's basketball coach is rounding into shape. Possible opponents are Texas, Alabama, New Mexico, Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Syracuse. Knight said he might try to schedule the game in conjunction with the team's trip to play at Canisius, which is located in Buffalo.

Faceoff: Syracuse's Lade dealing with high ankle sprain - College lacrosse news, scores, schedules: Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Towson, Loyola, UMBC, Navy, Mount St. Mary’s and more -
"We just thought that he had twisted his ankle," Desko said. "There was some swelling, and we thought that we would be back in, maybe, a week. He went out to practice, and there was a little more swelling, and it kind of nagged him. We were a little surprised he wasn’t able to go, so we got an MRI done and found out he had a high ankle sprain. They take a little longer. I don’t know if you’ll see him tonight, and I’d be a little surprised if you saw him this weekend."

This is an older story but it just popped up online about a Syracuse Orange football fan who finished his 3rd tour of duty overseas.