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Report: Syracuse's Rob Murphy To Take Eastern Michigan Head Coaching Job

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FoxSport's Jef Goodman just dropped a bombshell on my Twitterfeed. According to sources, Syracuse assistant coach Rob Murphy is going to take the head coaching job at Eastern Michigan University.

My immediate reaction was WTF. I imagine so was yours.

Murphy received overtures from Kent State a few weeks back but removed his name from consideration. Here's what he said that the time:

"I appreciate the opportunity to interview for the head coaching position there, but right now, I’m very happy where I am."

"I’m anxious to get out on the road,’’ Murphy said. "I want the focus to be on Syracuse and the future here.’’


If Murph leaves, it's not catastrophic but it opens a huge hole in our recruiting base. Murphy was the lead on many of Syracuse's recent star players. He's

As far as Syracuse theme song production goes, it IS catastrophic. Murphy is Mr. Shut It Down and, all due respect to Mike Hopkins, I just can't see Hops picking up that torch. In fact, I'd much rather he didn't.

More on this to come, I'm sure...

Update: Goodman is now reporting it's official. Bummer to see Coach Murph go but Cuse Nation wishes him well.