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Syracuse Football: It's Blue vs. White For The Orange (What?)

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Tomorrow's spring game rosters have been officially released and the team has been split into two sides. The Blue and the White. We can sit here and all day and debate the fact that a team called the Orange won't even be using said color in their scrimmage but, you know... As Donnie Rumsfeld would say, we go to war with the jerseys we have, not the jerseys you might want or wish to have.

Marrone is stepping back as head coach in this one. He's going to try out a new role. Basically it just involves a lot of watching from afar and deciding if and when the game continues. Basically, the same thing a Roman Emperor would do at the Coliseum.


Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is your Team Blue head coach. Tim Daoust (defensive ends) is his defensive coordinator and Tyrone Wheatley (running backs) is his offensive coordinator.

Charley Loeb and John Kinder are the Blue quarterbacks, meaning Ridiculously Good Looking Charley Loeb finally earns his first start. Exciting!

Prince-Tyson Gulley and Steve Rene are the RBs for Team Blue while Marcus Sales, Van Chew, Dorian Graham and Adrian Flemming are the WRs.

Defensive notables include FS Phillip Thomas, LB Marquis Spruill, DL Deon Goggins, DE Mikhail Marinovich and DB Kevyn Scott.

As for the White Team, defensive coordinator Scott Shafer will lead the way while Dan Conley (linebackers) will call run the defense and Greg Adkins (offensive line) will call the plays on offense.

Ryan Nassib and Jonny Miller are the quarterbacks, Antwon Bailey and Greg Tobias (?) are the RBs and Alec Lemon, Jeremiah Kobena and Jarrod West are the top WRs.

Defensive players of note include DE Chandler Jones, DE Torrey Ball, CB Jeremi Wilkes, SS SHAMARKO (who I assume is not playing), LB Dan Vaughn and LB Dyshawn Davis.

Check out the full rosters here (PDF). At first glance, Team White sounds like the strong squad. A lot more names over there and a lot of experience. But you never know, especially since we haven't done it like this is...forever.