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B.J. Armstrong Is Rick Jackson's Agent

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I guess I'm out of the loop because the fact that B.J. Armstrong is Rick Jackson's agent completely threw me.

On Wednesday, Jackson said he would be represented by former NBA player and current NBA player agent B.J. Armstrong of the Wasserman Media Group. WMG is best known as the company featuring super-agent Arn Tellem.

Armstrong's best-known client is Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose.

Along with handling the business of Derrick Rose, Armstrong is also WMG's Vice President of Basketball Management, a fancy way of saying he preps every WMG client for the NBA Draft.

All sounds pretty good for Rickles. One of the greatest K&D Round Landscapers of all-time, Jackson is primed to make waves either in the upcoming draft or as a free agent signee shortly thereafter. My immediate thought is that, worst case, Jackson is a shoo-in to get a tryout with the Bulls this summer, but let's not make assumptions.