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Paul Harris Scores, Jonny Flynn Bores & Eric Devendorf Snores (On The Bench)

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It's been an interesting couple years for the trio of players that left Syracuse early in 2009.

Two years later, we expected Jonny Flynn to be an NBA star, Paul Harris to be an NBA fringe player and Eric Devendorf launching threes and starting bar fights in Skokie, Illinois as part of a regional basketball circuit.

Things turned out slightly differently in all three cases...

We knew things were going to be rough for Jonny as he tried to make his way in the NBA. But we couldn't have predicted that Bill Simmons would one day say Flynn was one of the five worst players who played at least 700 minutes in an NBA season:

Ranks seventh from the bottom with Hollinger's PER and can't guard anybody. But hey, at least that draft pick made no sense.

With Rubio thinking of coming to Minnesota (finally) next year, that could be the final straw for Flynn, who is downright loathed by most Timberwolves fans at this point and has become a harbinger of high expectations for college point guards.

We still love you, Jonny. Promise.

Meanwhile, Paul Harris is the one who has blossomed into star. Okay so it's not the NBA, but there are worse places to ply your trade than the Philippines. As the top Talk'N Texter around, Harris has lead his team to the top of the PBA (not the bowling one).

He's playing so well, his team is openly "repulsing" opponents with their dominance. Harris is having a ball over there, recently throwing down 37 points in one game and TNT is looking good to win the PBA Commissioner’s Cup.

Paul takes some time to remember the good days at Syracuse as well:

"It was quite an experience playing before 20,000 fans when we battled Georgetown," he said. "One of the highlights of my collegiate career was our six-overtime marathon win over Connecticut. I had 29 points and 22 rebounds."

Harris said he’s looking forward to playing in front of 20,000 fans in the PBA – a big crowd is expected for the game against Ginebra and for sure, over 10,000 will show up.

If he does win a title, he won't be the first member of this trio to win a title. We all know Eric Devendorf is practically royalty in New Zealand. Apparently that doesn't mean much in Turkey, where Devo can't even get off the bench for his new squad.

The Bay City native signed with the Selcuk Universitesi team in the TBL2 and scored 22 points with five rebounds and three assists in his debut on March 5. But Devendorf has been relegated to the bench for the last four games.

By TBL rules, teams can only play one import player per game. And teammate Brian Boddicker, the former University of Texas standout, has been one of Selcuk's top players all season.

Get that man back to New Zealand!