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TCU Coming To Big East And They're Bringing Terrible New Uniforms With Them

Do I even need to tell you Nike had something to do with this?

Here's what TCU looked like this past season. Clean, basic and acceptable (that's what people say about me).

Here's what TCU's uniforms are going to look like this year:



I'm assuming that last guy is just a guy in a tuxedo and not the Horned Frogs Alternate Road jerseys. Then again, I suppose that could be the prototype of the "DeboNike" line.

Here's what With Leather had to say about the new jerseys:

My goodness gracious, those look like absolute ass. I could see Adam Lambert’s backup dancers wearing something like this, because they look both glitzy and cheap. Too much color-blocking, monochromatic numerals (stenciled, no less), and the V-neck is way too necky.

Understood. Not to mention the fact that they GOT RID OF THE HORNED FROG!!!

If TCU has released these uniforms in November, the Big East never would have let them in. We had an understanding and that understanding included helmets with frogs on them.