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The Higgins & Burr Effect: St. John's Defeats Rutgers, Will Play Syracuse

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As my compadre as Card Chronicle said, "Honest, Big East, you deserve this. If you're going to hire Tim Higgins to work your tournament, you deserve this."

St. John's "defeated" Rutgers 65-63 to advance into the quarterfinals. That's where SU is waiting for the chance to beat them on Syracuse's home court, Madison Square Garden.

St. John's held on to beat Rutgers 65-63 in the second round of the 2011 Big East Tournament, with the last few seconds packed full of questionable calls. The one that's going to get the most attention: St. John's' Justin Brownlee stepped out of bounds with 1.7 seconds left on the clock, somehow ending the game. It should've been Rutgers ball near half-court with a chance to tie or take the lead.

Video: BubbaProg

Great work as always, Timmy & Jim.

Winner gets ownership of MSG. That includes the Knicks. The Orange beat the Johnnies earlier this year in MSG, 76-59.