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New Meadowlands Officially Carrier Dome South

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DOC Gross was a guest speaker at Manhattan's Lubin House Tuesday night. And when DOC Gross speaks in New York City, big news follows. That big news was Syracuse football is apparently going to announce an agreement to play 10 more games in the New Meadowlands Stadium, according to Nolan Weidner.

The games would be played every other year starting in 2019 at the 82,500-seat stadium that’s a home for New York’s two NFL franchises, the Jets and Giants.

The 20-year agreement would add 10 games to the four SU already agreed to play in the stadium, starting with a 2012 date against Southern California. SU also has agreements to play Penn State in 2013, and games with Notre Dame in 2014 and 2016.

In years that Syracuse isn't playing at the New Meadowlands, the Orange will attempt to win no more than 8 games to ensure they will play in the Pinstripe Bowl.*

The good news for the University is that these games put Syracuse in New York City's sight-line almost every other year for the next two decades. These games will likely be against high-profile opponents, equally-eager for the chance to play right outside Manhattan.

The bad news is that it re-raises the question, "Will Syracuse Ever Play A Good Non-Conference Opponent In The Dome Again?" We already know our "home" games against Penn State, USC and Notre Dame won't be in the Dome, and you have to imagine many of these future New Meadowlands games will also involve high-quality opponents.

The good news to counteract the bad news is that Gross has previously said SU would attempt to schedule six games in the Carrier Dome in seasons they play at New Meadowlands. Even if the Dome games might not include the marquee opponent, there's room to fit some decent teams in there. Plus, you know, TCU is coming.

The Penn State series does include home games at State College and Syracuse, and the hope is that any future series we sign as part of the New Meadowlands deal also involved actual home games.

*not true...I hope