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Help Send Syracuse Field Hockey To Argentina

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Argentina is pretty good at field hockey. They won the most recent Women's World Hockey Cup and have finished in the top four every time since 1994.

Syracuse is pretty good at field hockey. They won the 2010 Big East title and advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, finishing the season ranked No. 4.They're also really smart.

Naturally, if Syracuse wants to be the best, they need to beat the best. They need to go to Argentina to take teams from Earth's Great Field Hockey Land and emerge stronger, faster and better.

And that is what will happen. As long as you come through...

The SU field hockey team is going on a trip to Argentina March 11-20 to play four squads. So far they've raised money for the trip through clinics, selling lottery tickets, other fund-raising activities and generous donations. They still need more money for the trip and need some help from Cuse Nation.

Here's a letter penned by sophomore Iona Holloway asking for support from the Orange community in order to raise the money needed. They are trying to raise around $10,000 to support their lodging, food, medical assistance and other expenses.

If you want to support the team and would like to make a donation, send your check to: Syracuse Field Hockey, Manley Field House,1301 E Colvin St, Syracuse, NY 13244. Make your checks payable to: Syracuse Coaches Fund International Travel.

Donate, and when they eventually win the 2011 NCAA Title, you'll get a championship ring in the mail. Maybe. Okay, probably not, but you'll feel good.

H/T: Cuse Country