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Arinze Onuaku Is The Viper

This commercial was always on when I was young and I swear to God I thought the security system really was a collection of holographic vipers that appear around your car when someone tries to tamper with it. When I found that wasn't true, I was more disappointed than embarrassed. I still feel like viper holograms would be the best defense from car thieves.

Anyway, the point is that Arinze Onuaku is a Rio Grande Valley Viper.

Guard Kelvin Lewis and forward Arinze Onuaku took to the Vipers practice court in Pharr on Monday morning.  Lewis is a 6-4 guard who Vipers head coach Chris Finch says is a great system player, while the 6-9 Onuaku is the big presence in the paint the Vipers haven't had ever since Jeff Adrian signed with the NBA's Warriors late last month. 

Both Lewis and Onuaku told CHANNEL 5 SPORTS they're excited to be here in the Valley and being a part of the Vipers championship tradition.  And, they'll have a whole week to get the Vipers system down--as they don't play until a week from Monday (March 14) when they host Sioux Falls.

Here's the official release, in which they happened to find the one photo of AO in a blue uniform that's out there.

The Vipers are the NBA Development League affiliate of the NBA Houston Rockets and they're the defending champions of the league. A couple familiar names on the team include former Duke player Jon Scheyer. Marquette's Jerel McNeal was a member of the team but he signed with the Hornets today.

The Vipes have ten games left in the season and will surely make the playoffs, giving AO ample opportunity to show off his wares. Go get'm AO, but please keep those trips to Mexico to a minimum. Lord knows what kind of Unfinished Business is going on down there.