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Big East Tournament: Syracuse Fans United In NYC

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Are you a Syracuse fan in NYC? Look around, there's a lot of you there right now. Can't miss them.

You guys should totally meet up and hang, bros and broettes.

We need to answer some questions so we can all have fun and/or Wang Chung tonight (and tomorrow night and the night after).

1. Where are you watching Rutgers and St. John's beat the hell out of each other for the right to lose to Syracuse?

1. Are you going to the Syracuse game(s)? Where are you sitting (if you know)?

2. Are you not going to the games? Where are you watching them?

3. Where are you drinking and eating when not watching Syracuse win basketball games?

The big Alumni event is going to be on Friday between 5-9pm at Stout (133 W. 33rd St.). Looks like you need to sign up for something here if you want to attend, so don't come crying to me that you weren't allowed in and had no idea. Check in with Big Apple Orange for more details.

If you get shut out of that fest, there's always Blarney Rock (137 W. 33rd St.) practically next-door.

Looks like there's also going to be drink specials for SU fans during Orange games over at Village Pourhouse (64 3rd Ave,).

If you're near Hell's Kitchen, Landsdowne Road (599 10th Avenue) has been identified as a good Cuse game-watching bar.