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Rutgers vs. St. John's For The Right To Lose To Syracuse

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The New York's College Team Mini-Bracket of the Big East Tournament has whittled away one team. Mike "Fred Hill Who?" Rice continues to make ESPN's rivalry-experts look good, leading 13-seed Rutgers in a 76-70 overtime win over 12-seed Seton Hall in the first round Tuesday.

Game two of the 2011 Big East Tournament was a much better matchup than the first, with Rutgers topping Seton Hall 76-70 in overtime. Jeremy Hazell made a deep three-pointer to send the game into an extra frame, which followed two lead changes in the final two minutes of regulation and three in the last five. After regulation, these New Jersey rivals slugged their way to three more lead changes until Rutgers came out on top.

The Knights now move on to play 5-seed St. John's on Syracuse's home court Wednesday. The winner of that game will play 4-seed Syracuse Thursday. Rutgers lost to the Johnnies by two earlier this year in their only match-up.

So who are Syracuse fans rooting for? The easy answer is Rutgers. The Knights are obviously the inferior team. Still, there's something about the chance to beat St. John's in MSG...again...that sounds like fun. We don't get too much credit for the first one as it was early in the Big East season, before the Johnnies took off, and a win over them does more for the RPI and NCAA seeding than a win over Rutgers does.

Not that it's up to us, we'll know more this time tomorrow...