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Syracuse Spring Football: Return Of The Raupers

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There weren't many surprises on the pre-spring depth chart released on Monday. Except one.

Shane Raupers was listed as the No. 1 punter on the roster, which is weird, since he left the team in August 2009. Now he's back and he's grabbed the preliminary top spot from Ryan Lichtenstein, the guy who replaces Raupers as a freshman and became a cult icon.

So what gives? The former schollie player is back but this team he's in Lichty's a walk-on.

Shane Raupers, a kicker from Athens, Pa., is set to rejoin the Orange as a walk-on and try to earn the punting job.

Raupers spent two days at practice, and then left the team Aug. 18. A look back into the archives doesn’t shed any light on what went wrong. Stories about his signing said he chose the Orange over Connecticut, Pittsburgh and Buffalo.

It will be interesting to see if we find out why Raupers originally left, why he decided to return and how the competition will play out. Here's what Bob Casullo said about Raupers back in '09:

"The thing that impresses you most about him is his determination to develop into a premier Division I place kicker...He is not your typical perception of just being a kicker. He is a talented athlete; starting high school quarterback for several years; passing and running all over the place; played some defense also."