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Andy Rautins Square Garden

Justin Bieber. Charlie Sheen. #thingswomensay. These are the things I usually see in my Twitter Trends section.

Imagine my surprise when I see...


The Knicks cruised to victory over the Jazz Monday night, 131-109. However the game didn't really begin until the 4th quarter when the Knicks started sending in the bench players. That's when the magic happened:

Within minutes, bored fans began chanting for the rookie Andy Rautins. Midway through the quarter, they got their wish, cheering wildly as Rautins approached the scorer’s table.

Rautins logged 5+ minutes, scoring two points, grabbing one board and coughing up three turnovers. But let's not focus on the negative. Let's focus on the fact that, after tonight, there is one indisputable fact.

Knicks fans love Andy Rautins. Even if he has no idea how to change a tire.