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Syracuse No. 11 In AP & Coaches Polls, 3-Seed In Bracketology

The Orange only had one game last week, a win over lowly DePaul, but it was enough to move them up one spot in both Polls.

The Orange are No. 11 in the AP Poll, behind BYU, Purdue and Texas.

Scott Wolf loves the Orange enough to put them up at No. 5, one of 25 voters to put the Orange in the Top 25. Direct your hate at John Feinstein and Marcus Hunter, who ranked the Orange all the way down at No. 16. Incidentally they LOVE six-loss Xavier, who totally wouldn't have six more losses if they played in the Big East.

The Coaches Poll also has SU at No. 11 with the same exact set-up.

Other Big East teams in the polls include Pitt (3/3), Notre Dame (4/4), Louisville (14/14), St. John's (17/18), West Virginia (20/UNR), UConn (21/19), Georgetown (22/22) and Cincinnati (25/UNR).

SU took a little step back in the RPI to No. 18 (thanks DePaul) but maintained a No. 11 spot in the KenPom.

A for a quick Bracketology update, SB Nation has the Orange as a 3-seed in DC while ESPN has the same thing.