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Jim Boeheim To Other Big East Coaches: WTF?

Rick Jackson got snubbed from the Big East All-Conference 1st-Team. The hope was that no one would tell Jim Boeheim, cause we all know how cranky he gets. Considering what a true screw-job that was, you just knew he was going to go off on one. So I thought we were all clear that we weren't going to tell Jim. We need his focus elsewhere.


"I guess coaches shouldn’t be voting for things like this,’’ Boeheim said Sunday. "It doesn’t make sense. You have six guards on one team? He’s been the best big man in the conference all year. If you ask coaches ‘Who’s the most important player on your team?’ They’ll all say the big guy. But Rick’s not first team. It’s crazy.’’

"It’s unbelievable,’’ Boeheim said. "He leads the league in rebounds, blocked shots and field goal percentage. They voted for scorers. Maybe we should just take the top six scorers.’’

Boeheim also had some thoughts about Scoop, who was named to the Honorable Mention list.

"Scoop had a better year than that, too,’’ Boeheim said. "He should be second team; third at worst.’’

And if you thought Jimmy B is pissed off, wait til you hear what Buddy P has to say:

That Jackson, the senior forward/center for the 25-6 Syracuse University Orange, didn’t make the first-team Big East Conference All-League Team is, of course, indefensible. Because it was the conference’s head coaches who made this determination, this conclusion must be drawn: The credibility that they’d certainly declare their positions warrant has been seriously diminished.

...those idiot coaches -- and, in this matter, idiot coaches they are -- chose to anoint a first team comprised of, laughably, six guards. (Note to coaches: Try winning in the real world with a six-guard squad.)

Man, if only there was an event coming up where all of the Big East coaches will be in one place so that Rick Jackson could show them first-hand how they snubbed him. If only...