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Big East Tournament: New York's College Team Mini-Bracket

The Big East Tournament is like a cake constructed by one of the chefs on Top Chef: Just Desserts. Textured, full of distinct flavors, moist and melts in your mouth.

The same can be said of John Marinatto, really.

Syracuse received a double-bye for the second year in a row and will now wait until Thursday before playing their first game. Because the brackets don't change based on who wins, SU knows exactly which three teams are possibilities as their first opponent. Oddly enough, it will one of the three teams trying desperately to snatch the title of New York's College Team from our grasp.

In the first round, The Pat Forde Spectacular. Seton Hall vs. Rutgers. The winner returns on Wednesday to face-off against one of Madison Square Garden's home teams, St. John's. Then the winner of that game plays MSG's real home team, Syracuse, in the Quarterfinals.

The smart money seems to be on Syracuse vs. St. John's, which could end up leveling the Garden into rubble based on fan noise alone. Win, and the Orange become the legal guardian of MSG and the Johnnies are no longer allowed in Manhattan*. Anything we can do to ruin their feel-good season, we're happy to do so.

Syracuse was 3-1 against its possible opponents this year. If the Orange don't get the Johnnies, I'm sure they'd love one more shot at the Pirates and a chance to avenge that crazy loss from earlier in the year.

Then again, if Rutgers wants to make a run, that's fine too.

We'll be ready, regardless.