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Brewster Hall - New York's College Party Dorm

As a proud alumnus of Brewster Hall, I have never been prouder of my freshman dorm than I am today. Brewster has been named the No.4 Biggest Party Dorm in America by Campus Splash.

1. Briscoe-Shoemaker – Indiana University-Bloomington (5.0)
2. Riepe College House – University of Pennsylvania (5.0)
3. Lucas – Winona State University (5.0)
4. Bobb-McColluch – Northwestern University (4.9)
5. Brewster Hall – Syracuse University (4.9)
6. Village A – Georgetown University (4.8)
7. Sellery Hall – University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) (4.7)
8. McNutt – Indiana University-Bloomington (4.7)
9. Curley Court – Catholic University of America (4.7)
10. Harriet Tubman Quardrangle – Howard University (4.7)
11. Alumni Hall – Villanova University (4.7)
12. Welsh Hall – Villanova University (4.7)
13. Thurston Hall – George Washington University (4.6)
14. McBain – Columbia University in the City of New York (4.6)

No offense to IUPUI, Penn and something called Winona State but I highly doubt you truly have a more partying dorm than us. Just sayin.

And please note, Syracuse is once again better than Georgetown and Villanova at something. Most things, really.

There were no Campus Splash websites rating dorms back in my day but if they had I'm sure they would have come to the same conclusion. So many late nights smuggling Keystone Ice into Brewster in our backpacks. So many trips to the Burger King in the basement to stifle our the late-night munchies with poorly-made Whoppers. So many drunken games of Tecmo Super Bowl. And then that time we got busted by the RAs for making too much noise and had to help Student Affairs put together mailings as penance...

Outlaws, we were. Renegades. Rebels with a cause trouble. And it's nice to see the tradition lives on...

H/T: GiantsCauseway