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OrangeTube: Marrone At The Market, Giant Carmelo & Excited Georgetown Players

The latest Cuse-related videos from around the Interwebz. First up, the best press conference in front of produce you'll ever see (How do you not do it next to the oranges? Missed opportunities!).

My five favorite things about this video...

1. The TOTALLY TUBULAR music intro.

2. Otto just standing around, looking to make small-talk with someone (0:24)

3. John Peters doesn't want anything you have to offer, missy (1:23)

4. If by "quality food," you mean "cheap beer," then I believe you Doug (1:40)

5. Jeff Ludwig goes in for the post-ribbon-cutting handshake and...denied! (2:22)

Oklahoma and Joe Don Looney run over the Orange in 1962:

How long do you think it takes to unveil a 128ft Carmelo Anthony billboard scaling down a building? In this video, it takes all of 10 seconds.

For some reason this just popped up. So much excitement, you guys!

It's nice out. Time to skate and freestyle all over Syracuse campus: