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McDonald's All-America Game: Carter-Williams, Christmas Part Of East's Victory

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Syracuse's two recruits playing in the 2011 McDonald's All-America Game only scored four points total. Lucky for them, The East scored 111 points in the game, which is more than could be said about the West. James McAdoo and Michael Gilchrist led the way for the East by showing off their range and scoring 17-points apiece in a 111-96 win over the West squad.

As for the Cuse boys, their offensive contributions weren't much.

Carter-Williams, a 6-foot-5 guard from Barrington, R.I., finished with two points, one assist and one rebound.

Christmas, a 6-9 forward from Philadelphia, Pa., contributed two points and three rebounds.

Stats aside, MCW played some solid defense (and took a nice charge). His shots just weren't falling on this day, but he looked like he's got the potential we've been expecting. That thin-ness everyone talks about is evident, so expect that to be Priority One when he gets to campus.

Christmas looked athletic when he did play and that 12-footer he hit was something we haven't seen out of our big men in a while.

There's only so much you can take away from games like this. Still, there were enough flashes to expect good things in the future from both of these two.

And as for Pitt-bound Khem Birch...yikes, you guys. One-and-done that guy...