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Ashton Broyld Charged With Public Lewdness

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Just when we thought the Ashton Broyld brouhaha was over, we forgot about one player in this saga: The Law.

Broyld has been charged with public lewdness for his actions during a Rush-Henrietta High School basketball game last month. 

Broyld was a member of the school’s varsity basketball team that lost a playoff game to Irondequoit on March 9 inside Blue Cross Arena at the Rochester Community War Memorial. The complaint states that Broyld dropped his pants, exposed himself and made lewd gestures and remarks after the game.

That was the rumor going around back when we first heard about the incident. Broyld apologized for the incident two weeks ago.

Doug Marrone is on record as saying Boyld is still an incoming member (teehee) of the Orange "as of right now." You have to assume he knew the charges might come so I don't think this changes things. Yet.

Broyld pleaded not guilty to the charges.

So, do we get a Fulmer Cup point out of this?

Update: The crack legal team over at Orange44 breaks down the charges.