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Pitt Is A Bunch Of Criminals, UConn Is Broke & West Virginia Is In West Virginia

Big East Football is No. 1 after all.

Congrats to Pitt, who was ranked No. 1 this week by Of course, that ranking comes with a bit of a caveat. It's for having more players charged with a crime than any other program in the 2011 Preseason Top 25. Not just that, they blow away the second-best team with 22 players (Iowa/Arkansas - 18).

That includes Jabaal Sheard for allegedly throwing a man through the glass door of an art gallery, Jason Douglas for hitting a pedestrian while driving under the influence, Keith Coleman for beating up one man and body slamming another who attempted to intervene and Jeffrey Knox for choking a woman. 

Fantastic work, guys.

Triple word score to former Pitt lineman Fernando Diaz, who decided to punch some cops yesterday in celebration of the Panther's accomplishments.

He then began swinging his arms, one with the handcuffs attached, with closed fists at officers, police said. They contained him only after shooting him four times with a Taser.

Meanwhile, UConn might not be able to match Pitt in the crime and punishment department, they ran circles around the Panthers when it came to bowl game financial losses.

The university incurred total expenses of $4,280,998 at the Fiesta Bowl while only receiving a payout of $2,523,200 from the Big East.

By far the largest expense the university incurred came from absorbed ticket sales. The university sold only 2,771 out of an allotment of 17,500 tickets, resulting in the university absorbing 14,729 tickets worth $2,924,385.

Between losing Randy Edsall, getting embarrassed on national TV, dealing with the Robert Burton fiasco and now this, I'm beginning to think winning the Big East was the worst thing that's ever happened to UConn.

Finally, West Virginia is located in West Virginia. Condolences to all.