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Baye Moussa Keita Going Under The Knife

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Baye Moussa Keita's left wrist derailed what was becoming a pleasantly-surprising season for the freshman. BMK came out of nowhere to become not only a contributor but also a starter for the Orange this season, though his play was clearly hampered late in the year due to the wrist.

It would seem as though that wrist will get sorted out next week when Keita undergoes surgery. Then again, Syracuse isn't saying exactly what that surgery is going to fix:

SU freshman Baye Moussa Keita will undergo surgery next week, though Syracuse officials have declined to say what kind of surgery Keita will have.

Keita played most of the season with the wrist wrapped. Later in the year, the tape that protected his wrist got heavier and more intricate.

Why so shady, Syracuse? Is the wrist injury just a front to hide something more sinister? Is Baye getting calf implants? Is that what this is all about?

SU was never open with the extend of the injury and the most Keita ever said was that it was a "nagging and bothersome" bruise. Though that's hardly the kind of thing you get surgery for...