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Scoop Jardine vs. Fab Melo In The Final Four

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That title is confusing on so many levels, my brain almost exploded just writing it.

But it's true. Scoop and Fab are indeed in the Final Four. Against one another.

It's the Coolest Name in the 2011 NCAA Tournament Final Four, but hey, who's being picky these days?

Scoop and Fab emerged from their regions (Dallas Comegys region, God Shammgod region, respectively) and join UConn's Shabazz Napier and Purdue's Bubba Day in the Final Four. It's just nice to see at least one NCAA Tournament where the major conferences still have a chance.

Now, we can sit here and quibble with the fact that Scoop isn't actually Scoop's name and Fab isn't actually Fab's name, but that's for doing on your own time. Right now is all about voting. So...who's it gonna be? Which Syracuse player will represent the Orange in the Coolest Name Finals?

Personally I went with Fab. I would have gone with Scoop but I feared he might refer to himself as Antonio in the final minutes of the Finals, screwing himself and the rest of the Orange out of this well-deserved title.

Final Four voting ends Thursday at 10 p.m. ET. Check back Friday to vote in the national championship.