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Big City Classic: No. 1 Syracuse Prepares For Showdown With Duke

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If you're a lacrosse-loving Syracuse fan living in the Tri-State Area (the actual TSA, not the one in Andy Katz's mind), you basically have no excuse for not attending the Big City Classic this weekend.

And if you're not really a lacrosse fan, that's still no excuse. Let me explain.

The Syracuse Lacrosse team, the No. 1 team in the nation, will be facing off against the No. 3 Duke Blue Devils, the defending National Champions.

  1. In a way, Syracuse is to blame for Duke winning the title. Had we not lost to Army in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, we surely would have advanced to the finals, where we would have beaten Duke like a rented mule (poor rented mules). Notre Lame was a less-than-appropriate replacement.
  2. Syracuse has been in a bit of a slump. Sure, they've won but it hasn't been easy for particularly fun to watch. We need a slumpbuster and Duke is that slumpbustee.
  3. Still bummed out about Syracuse Basketball? Come watch the Orange in a sport where they are THE dominant program in the nation.
  4. The game will be played within 50 miles of New York City. That means DOC Gross is required by Parliamentary Law to attend. Time to rub some elbows.
  5. Glaude did some science that shows Duke has been the most "fun" team so far this season. I like Glaude but that's a load of bullroar. We'll show them fun...
  6. If you ARE a lacrosse fan, it's not often you get to see three really good lacrosse games back-to-back-to-back. Okay, maybe I'm giving Rutgers vs. St. John's a little too much credit, but Hopkins vs. Carolina is the appetizer for Cuse-Duke. That's a good day (especially if Hopkins loses).
  7. Syracuse crushed Princeton 13-4 in the Big City Classic last year. We do well there.
  8. It's Duke. I don't care what sport you're interested in, you WANT to see Duke get beat. And if you can be the one to do it, all the better.

Tickets are still available (and not terribly pricey) and 16K have already been sold.  If you're going, let folks know. And start planning the official tailgate beforehand. It's not like you're going in to the stadium watch St. John's Lacrosse anyway...