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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge Update - Final Four

With any bracket I made completely burned and turned to ashes at this point, I decided to look back at the bracket my wife filled out before the tournament. Keep in mind that she does not follow college basketball, does not care about college basketball and has only a vague idea of what March Madness even entails.

She had VCU in her Final Four.

In fact she had Arizona, who came within one game of the Final Four, playing VCU in the Finals.

Remember that when you hand over whatever money you lost with your Ohio State, Pitt, Florida & Duke Final Four picks.

As for the TNIAAM Bracket Challenge, there's a select few folks who are still in the hunt for those fabulous prizes.

At the moment, Hemps1 and The Revenge Society are your clubhouse leaders. Between the two, Hemps is in the driver's seat with Kentucky and UConn in the F4 and Kentucky winning it all. There's a bunch of other people within striking distance as well. Basically it's going to come down to the Kentucky-UConn game, who wins it and whether or not that team then wins the National Title.

Just to show how topsy-turvy this tournament has been, Tremendous Upside and Herman's Harried Head were the leaders before the Sweet Sixteen started. They're now both 123rd and 59th, respectively.

And the less said about my bracket, the better.