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NCAA Tournament Final Four: By Default, Syracuse Fans Rooting For VCU


I mean, look at your choices.

You've got Kentucky, the team that vanquished us in the 1996 National Title game "(yuck), was previously coached by Rick Pitino (yuckier) and is currently coached by John Calipari (yuckiest).

You've got Butler, who beat us in the Sweet Sixteen last year in a game many Orange fans are still bitter over.

You've got UConn...WHO IS UCONN.

That leaves VCU, a scrappy, mid-major underdog playing with house money after knocking Kansas out of the tournament.

Seriously, you don't really have a choice here.

If you're gonna play the Big East card, let me remind you of a few things:

1. UConn winning the National Title won't change anyone's opinion on the Big East's NCAA Tournament performance. UConn is one team out of eleven and it's the other ten everyone remains fixated on, no matter how far the Huskies go.

2. UConn is coached by Jim Calhoun. Let me rephrase that...Jim Calhoun coaches UConn.

3. Calhoun's already got one more title than Boeheim. He doesn't need another one.

Besides, let's have a mid-major win the NCAA Title if for give college football one more reason to realize they have the dumbest post-season in the world.