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Syracuse-Themed Tops Market: Let's Get The Puns Out Of Our System

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Now that we know there's a supermarket dedicated to all things Syracuse sports and we have the photos to prove it, there's one more thing we need to do.

We need to tel jokes. Jokes and jokes and jokes and jokes.

We cannot let 44 jerseys hang behind condiment bars and not respond. We cannot see Block S stickers plastered on Doritos and let it slide. We cannot see giant Otto-themed cookies and not make merry.

Some have already set the bar high...

The express lanes have signs that read "NOT TEN F***ING ITEMS." - Ten Fing Games


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Arinze Onuaku's #21 Lane: But nobody can use it because it’s so well defended down low. - Stealth Turkey

Has there ever been a store opening more meticulously designed...but crappily timed? - Mike I.

I'll add a couple more...

Every bag of Frito Lay Scoops in the store will be fantastic until the last few pieces, which will fall apart as soon as you dip them in hot salsa.

Tim Desko Checkout Lane: All items must be placed on scanner via jumping, behind-the-back, through-the-legs pass.

40 oz. T-Bone Steak known simply as The Bone. When only one remains, customers will have to go head-to-head in order to claim it. Scott Shafer will award it to the winner. The loser is dead.

Your turn...