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Rick Jackson Appreciates His Space And That's Fair Enough

Rick doesn't have much time left on Syracuse's campus. His basketball career is over and it will be just a matter of months before he graduates and moves on, hopefully to the NBA.

However, while he is still here, Rick has some wishes for his fellow SU students and local Orange fans. STOP WITH ALL THE TOUCHING!


I kinda like the new Rick Jackson. He doesn't have to hold back anymore so he's telling it like it is. And yet, his demands are so...fair.


Stop presenting stairs to Rick when he walks by, you guys. He's got enough of them. Plus, he's a big guy, he can get up pretty high all on his own.

FYI - 'lol' at the end of a tweet is Twitter code for "This is not LOL at all but I'm writing LOL to make things a little lighter but I assure you I'm dead serious lol. SMH.