The Next Time You're at the Checkout and You Hear the Beep...

Think of the fun you could have at the Tops by South Campus, which had its grand reopening today. The outside looks about the same, but the inside is a whole new world...shining, shimmering, splendid. For those of you who couldn't make it to check out the first university-themed grocery store in the northeast, here's a little tour:

As you walk into the store:

Even the carts are orange and blue:

Some tissues for the tears your Fan is still crying over Cuse's Tourney loss:

In case you were thirsty:

The frozen food section is new and improved with its very own court:

Snack heaven:

Delicious Cuse-themed baked goods:

The Cuse Cafe:

The new produce section:

Holy shit! There's even an organic food section:

But, even though they've classed up the place, the clientele remains the same:

Plus, the guy reeked of a certain green leafy substance (and no, it was not an SU athlete). Loooove it!

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