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Bruce Pearl Fired, Tennessee Recruits Look Syracuse's Way

As you know by now, Bruce Pearl has been fired as the head coach of Tennessee basketball. My favorite part of the story has to be that Pearl was STILL committing violations as recently as this month. That's cramazing.

So now Tennessee commences falling apart and returning to the middle of the SEC pack (Sorry, Tobias). As Pearl goes, so go his sterling recruiting classes, including those in the current one. And it looks like at least one member of the Vols' 2011 class is going to look at Syracuse.

Louisville, Florida State, Syracuse, UGA and Georgia Tech are among the top choices for Rockdale County point guard Kevin Ware, who has requested a release from his Tennessee basketball scholarship with Monday’s firing of Volunteers coach Bruce Pearl.

"I haven’t talked to any of those schools but those would be the ones I would be most interested in," Ware told the AJC on Monday night. "I have no idea if any of them have scholarships available or would be interested in me, too. Right now, I can’t talk to anybody because I’m still signed with Tennessee, so I don’t know. I basically would be interested in whomever is interested in me."

Here's what ESPN has to say about Ware,who is their 91st overall top recruit in the 2011 class.

Ware is a tremendous pure athlete who is learning every day how to play the game of basketball. Many have compared him to Randy Moss who has been one of the better athletes of his time. Ware has consistently improved his overall game and shooting ability over the past year. When he has a good point guard with him that allows him to get out on the break there could be none better in the class at finishing above the rim. Ware is the true meaning of slasher who has made himself a more consistent pull-up jump shooter inside the arc.

Ware averaged 19 points and 9 assists while leading Rockdale County to its first appearance in the state championship game since 1987.

No word on whether or not the Orange are interested. They're already pushed to the brink with scholarships. Someone would have to lose theirs in order to make it happen (coughcoughBrandonReesecoughcough). We'll see if anything comes of it...