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Syracuse Fan Search: Who Is This Poor Soul?

It could have been any of us, really. Well, any of us that were present at Syracuse's 66-62 loss to Marquette on Sunday. Of all the Syracuse fans in all the seats in all of Cleveland, this poor guy became our representative in misery for the rest of the nation:




His photos have been making the rounds for a couple days now. Usually, he's not just a representative of Syracuse's pain but also that of the entire Big East.

So...who is he? Does he know? What does he think? Is he still holding his hands over his head and thinking about throwing up? Has he thrown up? Does he feel better? Has he put his hat back on properly?

So many questions but so little to go on. I'm counting on you, Cusians, to help locate our fallen friend. He needs your help and support. Don't let him down, Cuse brethren and brethrenettes.