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Syracuse Daily Links - To Call Backcourt Or Not To Call Backcourt

Did The Syracuse Orange Get Hosed On The Over And Back Call? Yes ... And No. - SB Nation Bay Area
Both Ken Pomeroy and John Gasaway of Basketball Prospectus pointed out that it is legal to actually catch the ball on the inbounds with only one foot when you haven't established yourself in the frontcourt. So bad officiating decision. Syracuse got hosed. Well, except for one thing. Jardine travelled. Check out the replays of the call.

Syracuse University lacrosse attackman Tommy Palasek had best game of season vs. former team |
Once he entered the lineup Palasek never returned to the sideline, the result of Marasco struggling a bit and Palasek simply running the offense with great skill. He consistently displayed the great dodging ability he had revealed only in glimpses in previous games, and he made several pinpoint passes to open teammates for high-percentage shots. Had it not been for Bassett playing one of the best games in goal I have ever witnessed in the Carrier Dome, Palasek could have easily finished with five or six assists.

X marked the spot of Syracuse University lacrosse team's biggest pain but ultimate gain |
The chance was created at the faceoff X, as SU senior Jeremy Thompson tied up Dolente on the critical draw and the ball squirted out toward the sideline. A mad chase ensued and SU winger Joel White picked up the ball. Dolente and a teammate chased White as he circled back on SU’s side of midfield, and he calmly flipped a pass over them to Thompson at midfield. In that instant SU had a 5-on-4 break and Thompson raced into the Hopkins box, drew a slide and dished to Keogh, who fired in the winner.

Syracuse University Athletics - SU Hosts Bonnies in Second Round of NIT
The Syracuse University women’s basketball team (23-9) will make its third consecutive appearance in the second round of the National Invitation Tournament when it hosts St. Bonaventure (21-11) inside the friendly confines of the Carrier Dome on Monday, March 21 at 7 p.m.

Syracuse University Athletics - Argentina Magic
Syracuse, with its water based turf, personal laundry service and wind chill is not so different from sunny, humid, sand-turfed Argentina. Once you get a hockey stick in your hand it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You look left or right and you see your team mate, just like always, willing you and the team to win.

The Sweet 16 Is Set, But Where Are The Bracket's Big East Teams? -
Like, New York City's cool and the Big East is a good conference, but all due respect to Hov's hometown, New York is dirty and expensive and full of terrible people, and the Big East has some of the ugliest, most frustrating basketball in the whole country. It's like one, big series from the '90s Knicks and Heat. I guess that's "the best basketball around" to some people, but...

Did Syracuse University lacrosse team catch a break from the refs? You be the judge |
Two days after the Syracuse University lacrosse team defeated Johns Hopkins 5-4 in the second overtime period the debate continues to rage on fan forums as to whether a goal scored by JHU's Kyle Wharton with 4 seconds left in the first sudden-death OT should not have been waved off by the officials due to a crease violation.

FizzCast: Who’s To Blame for Syracuse’s Early Exit in the NCAA Tournament? : Orange Fizz – Free Syracuse Recruiting News, Sports Rumors, Podcasts
"You hate to put it on one guy. It is a team game. But the final minute plus is defined by Scoop. The ridiculous decision to try to tiptoe the half court line when the inbounds pass can go back in the back court, when you can go back there and track it down, is a silly basketball IQ mistake. And then down three to come back down the floor and to just launch when you don’t have to take a three, when you can settle for a two, foul, and play the free-throw shooting game, is also a stupid decision."

Syracuse football recruit Ashton Broyld issues apology |
"I know I violated our district’s code of conduct. I value the importance of sportsmanship and the good that comes from being a student. I want to apologize to everybody, my family and school district."

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