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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge - Those Who Aren't Screwed, We Salute You

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See now, winning the TNIAAM Bracket Challenge is going to be a double-edged sword. You're going to win some fabulous prizes and be able to say you accomplished something for once in your life. But it's also going to mean you didn't pick Syracuse. You had little faith in them. In fact, the negative energy you put out there is probably the reason they lost.

So, enjoy your spoils, jerk.

It's a tie for Lead Jerk at the moment. Tremendous Upside has 37 out of 48 picks correct so far and has three Final Four picks still alive. Also with 37 picks right is Herman's Harried Head, who has all four Final Four picks alive. Both of them had Cuse going to the Elite 8, so I suppose we can't hate them too much. Just a little. Plus, anytime someone can make a Herman's Head in 2011, you have to tip your cap.

Of course, Chipotle on Marshall is right there in the thick of it. Of course they are.

See the full standings and marvel at how I'm 304th out of 400 and have only one Final Four team left (and three Big East teams crossed out).