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Villanova Football Reportedly Closing In On Big East Decision

The Sporting News is reporting that Villanova might not wait until April to make its decision to join the Big East for football. (Ed. Note: VUHoops was first to the table with this news so credit where credit is due)

A Big East source told Sporting News that Villanova is the "clear leader" in the conference’s goal of expanding to 10 teams, but that the university still is trying to complete a revenue plan of $25-30 million in startup costs.

Last week, VUHoops reported that a meeting was held at the basketball game against Syracuse for 'major donors' to discuss plans for a 25-30 million fund raising goal. Guess the meeting went well.

No word on whether or not the Cats would indeed play their home games at PPL Park.

If Nova does decide to go through with it, the big question will be whether or not that's the death knell for UCF's Big East bid. By the time Villanova get up to FBS and qualify to play in the conference, it'll likely be 2015. Meanwhile the Knights could be Big East-ready by 2012 if someone pulled the trigger.

And so it comes it worth it to bring on one more basketball program in order to get another football team locked in sooner?

H/T: The Nova Blog