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Derrell Smith & Doug Hogue Combine For Good Effort At Combine

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Ryan Bartholomew set the bar pretty high last week at the NFL Combine. He not only stole the show amongst Syracuse players but also for OLs in general.

Delone Carter did himself proud as well, putting together solid performances in a few categories.

Now it was up to Derrell Smith and Doug Hogue to make it a super week for Syracuse. Smith didn't participate in drills due to injury recovery but Hogue did. He might not have wowed NFL scouts the same way Barty did, but the runner-turned-linebacker put together some solid numbers overall.

According to the NFL combine web site, Hogue’s best performances were in the 40-yard dash, where he was fifth at 4.63 seconds; the broad jump (fifth at 10-1) and the vertical leap (sixth at 36 inches).

Agent Michael Courter of BTI Sports Advisors said Smith participated in the interviews, medical exams and psychological tests but did not do any of the physical drills because he had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee in early January.

Hogue remains unsatisfied by his performance and is looking forward to showing scouts even more at Syracuse Pro Day on March 23rd. Smith also plans on running drills at the event.

Also joining Smith, Hogue, Carter and Bartholomew at SU Pro Day? Punter Rob Long, apparently. According to his new website, Long is listed as a participant at the event. No word on how much he'll be doing as he continues to recover from a brain tumor.