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Syracuse Daily Links - One Shining Moment Should Be Destroyed

NCAA Tournament's 'One Shining Moment' Should Be Destroyed: A Tribute, Really -
In conclusion: "One Shining Moment" is a depressive's ode to basketball and a shut-in's ode to athletic glory. Burn it. Please.

Who on this Syracuse team would you want on your side in a knife fight? - Cuse Country
My point here is that the NCAA tournament is a knife fight. On the road to the championship, you’re going to get beaten up, surprised from behind, and pinned with your back to the wall. When that happens, do you have the players who want it badly enough to lick their wounds, keep their head, and respond by doubling the intensity? I hope they prove me wrong, but this year - I just don’t see it.

Former Indiana State coach Bill Hodges fondly remembers Sycamores' run to 1979 NCAA title game |
"The thing about Larry is I don’t ever remember him asking how many points he scored,’’ Hodges said. "But every game, he wanted to see the stats to see how many rebounds he got. We started every game knowing we were getting 25 or better from him, but he never made that a big deal. His big deal was rebounds.’’

Grounded Jones on brink of superstardom - UFC - Yahoo! Sports
"I don’t go around telling everyone, ‘Hey, Jon Jones is my brother and he’s fighting in the UFC,’ " Arthur Jones said. "But it comes up. When one of my coaches brings it up or someone just finds out, they go, ‘That guy is your brother? I love Jon Jones!’ And they all get so excited and want to talk about it and what he’s doing."

Justin Pugh a budding star for Syracuse - Big East Blog - ESPN
Pugh was an under-the-radar recruit until late, and he didn't attract a lot of publicity last season. But all he did was start all 13 games for the Orange at left tackle and earn second-team All-Big East honors as a redshirt freshman at one of the game's most important positions. College Football - Orange out to build on solid 2010
In the grand scheme of the program's history, Syracuse's 8-5 record last season is a blip on the school's all-time resume. Given where Doug Marrone found the program two years ago, though, winning eight games was a major statement, as the Orange won nine games combined the previous three seasons.

NY Times’ Thamel to Fizz: There Will Be No Syracuse-Richmond Ghosts : Orange Fizz – Free Syracuse Recruiting News, Sports Rumors, Podcasts
"The one good thing for Syracuse is they got a great draw in the first round. Indiana State just isn’t very good. They’re the third team in a bad league. There’s a lot scarier 14-seeds sitting out there, like Wofford, than Indiana State. There will be no ghosts of Richmond on opening weekend."

The 16 Sweetest Names of March Madness 2011 - Seattle News - The Daily Weekly
Syracuse - Fab Melo Seven-foot Brazilian's play was simply Fab against St. John's in the Big East tournament, when he scored 12 points on 5-5 shooting.

A completely uninformed Indiana State preview - Cuse Country
Based solely on data gleaned from the internet.

Get To Know The Sycamores |
ISU has to find a way to stop Syracuse’s four-headed scoring monster. Help defense is going to be difficult for ISU to pull off considering the Orange can score in so many different ways. ISU was the best defensive team in the MVC by field goal defense, but this is the biggest test they’ll face this season.

Jim Boeheim has been kidnapped | Barking Carnival
If you click on Texas, which is ranked ninth this week, you see that Boeheim voted Texas 20th. Not only is this the widest variation from ranking for Texas, it’s the widest variation among the entire top 25. It’s not like he’d been down on them all season. Last week, he had them 13th. He had them 13th to start the season, and never lower than 21st.

NCAA tournament 2011: Best-case/worst-case scenarios for 66 teams - ESPN
They waltz past Indiana State (the weakest Missouri Valley champion in years), outlast Xavier, unsettle young North Carolina and unseat Ohio State when the Buckeyes go cold against the zone. Cuse beats Duke but, in a script flip from 2003, loses to Kansas in the title game. Run lasts long enough that most of the snow is actually melted on campus by the time the Orange return in early April.

NCAA Tournament 2011: An interactive guide to the preferred majors of college basketball stars. - By Justin Peters - Slate Magazine
Matt Lyde-Cajuste, recruited to Syracuse not by Jim Boeheim but by the engineering department, majors in aerospace engineering.

The name game: Interesting names in the NCAA tournament - College basketball-
Scoop, Fab and Baye all made the cut.

Nice stick, dude!