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Syracuse Vs. Indiana State: I Give You...The Sycamore Rock

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Do you find yourself lacking emotional connection to the Indiana State game? Last year it was way-too-easy to find a way to hate 16-seed Vermont. After what they did to us, they're lucky we didn't beat them by 80. Many Syracuse fans are still bitter we didn't.

But what of Indiana State? We can rag on Indiana. We can diss Larry Bird. But at the end of the day, where do we find the material necessary to instill a passionate hatred within our souls in order to want, nay, NEED Syracuse to beat them by 50 points?

I give you that material. Happy hating.

The Sycamore Rock from SYCAMORES on Vimeo.

The Time of Our Lives from SYCAMORES on Vimeo.

Oranges I from SYCAMORES on Vimeo.

Oranges II from SYCAMORES on Vimeo.

Sweet merciful lord. I'll take Unfinished Business over all of that any day. And you know how I feel about that...