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NCAA Tournament, Syracuse vs. Indiana State: HD Or Not HD

How can I watch Syracuse beat Indiana State in high definition? It's a question that's pondered man since the dawn of time. Or at least since Sunday. We've heard some not-so-good news so far but CNYCentral chimes in with some good news on the HD front.

We previously heard Upstate Time Warner customers would be SOL when it came to HD but it turns out the issue has been resolved. Whereas truTV standard definition continues to be available, they've added an HD feed just for this occasion, channel 884.

DirecTV customers are now the only ones royally-screwed, as that service does not offer truTV HD. I thought their pitch was about how many HD channels they have? (Update: Someone just told me they watched truTVon DirecTV last night and it looked great, so, hooray for everyone!)

If you're going to be in your car or somewhere where the radio is your only option, You'll want to find out what your local Westwood One affiliate is. The game will be on Sirius 126/XM 243 if you have satellite. The announcers are Kevin Kugler and Pete Gillen.

And of course, all games will be available online via March Madness On Demand.

Your excuses? Nil.