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The Syracuse Legends Are Coming...

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Last time we heard a semi-pro basketball team was thinking of taking up residence in Syracuse, here's what I said:

...if I can give you one piece of advice, it would be to stock up on as many former Syracuse players and local talent as you can.  I'm not saying the difference between survival and demise is whether or not Josh Wright is your point guard.  I'm just saying that if I'm a Syracuse area basketball fan, I'm much more likely to go watch a group of guys that I am familiar with and have an emotional connection to than just another team of guys I've never heard of.

Finally, someone seems to be taking my word to heart. I give you...The Syracuse Legends.

Now there isn't much to speak of just yet. Here's what we do know.

  • There's something called the Atlantic Coast Pro Basketball League, which has teams in Buffalo, Westchester and other New York cities.
  • Someone has organized a team for the Syracuse market which will play in the Oncenter.
  • That team will consist of "former Syracuse University players," including "a very famous former Syracuse University basketball player from the 2003 National Title team [who] will also be one of the many former SU players on the Syracuse Legends roster."

Intriguing. Anyone want to take a guess? Edelin? Forth? Gorman? Keep an eye on that Facebook page for updates.

H/T: Jimmy