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Syracuse Recruit Ashton Broyld Suspended For "Inappropriate Gestures"


Let's say Doug Marrone was a pediatric dentist and every Syracuse football player were his clients. After each good visit, a player got a gold star affixed to their photo that hung in the lobby. Rob Long? Dude's photo is ALL gold stars. If a player kept coming in with cavities and poor oral hygiene, they would not receive gold stars nor a lollipop.

Now, some pediatric dentists like the ones in Florida, Alabama or Tennessee might let these poor visits slide time and time again. Not Doug Marrone. Show up twice with poor dental hygiene and not only will your photo remain gold-star-less but it will be ripped up, thrown in the trash, the trash will be taken outside, burned, peed on, ground up, seasoned and placed inside a Taco Bell taco.

The point is, Doug Marrone does not suffer insolence lightly (unless you can run for 1,000 yards). So Ashton Broyld walks into Syracuse University this fall with a gold-star-less photo right off the bat. Not good.

Officials from Section V and the Blue Cross Arena -- who know what happened -- tell us Broyld made "inappropriate gestures" to fans from Irondequoit. This was at the Blue Cross Arena after the game was over.

When the game ended -- and Rush-Henrietta lost -- Stores and an official with Blue Cross Arena say Broyld walked out of the locker room towards the court and in view of the stands. At that point -- according to Stores and the arena official -- Broyld did "inappropriate things to the Irondequoit crowd" and "did things he shouldn't have done." Officials say it involved hand gestures and some other actions.

You don't have to search too hard on the Internet to find out what that inappropriate gesture is rumored to have been.

SU remains mum on the issue and I imagine that's how they'll stay. They call these "teachable moments" and Doug Marrone loves him some teachable moments. Well, kinda. You don't want to give HCDM too many moments to provide teaching. Let's hope this is Ashton's last one.