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NCAA Tournament: Syracuse Ticket & Hotel Update For Cleveland Games

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Your ideal hotel room, via <a href="*287/travel-orange-easyhotel-room-interior.jpg"></a>
Your ideal hotel room, via

Got your ticket for Syracuse's game(s) in Cleveland this weekend? No? Well you better move your ass.

You might look to SU Athletics for help but they're working with what they've got and what they've got is probably already gone. Each school only gets 350 tickets for the opening rounds, though additional tickets may become available (but don't count on it).And if you want a shot at those tickets, well, you better be donatin'.

When Syracuse is selected as one of the field of 68 for the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament, Orange Club members at the Director’s level ($5,000) and higher will have the first opportunity to order tickets. The limited number of tickets available to SU will be assigned based on 09-10 Athletic donation levels, until the allocation is exhausted. 

If any tickets remain [after today], they will go on sale to season ticket holders and Orange Club members ($4,999 & below) on Tuesday at 12 noon. Because of the number of tickets allotted for the second (field of 64) and third (field of 32) rounds, we will have a 2 ticket limit per patron.

Because there's only so many tickets to go around, SU isn't planning any kind of official package for the opening round either.

Looks like StubHub has some not-terribly-prices seats available, though you're going to want to check the details on all those before buying.

The good news is, if you are able to get a ticket, hotels rooms are still available. For now.

Cleveland does have hotel rooms available. While they were filling in fast, reservation clerks reported rooms for available even close to the downtown arena. The Comfort Inn, less than two miles from the arena had 10 two-bed rooms available at a rate of $60 per night.

The Cleveland Ritz-Carlton reports no rooms available, but at noon Monday there were rooms available at Friday and Saturday at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown for $239 a night and the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel for the same nightly rate.

If (I mean WHEN) the Orange advance to the Regionals in Newark, SU Athletics will receive more tickets so the chances to get your mitts on them increases. Then again, so do the prices.