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NCAA Tournament: Syracuse Predictions Start Rolling In

Two camps on the Syracuse Orange seem to be emerging. Those who think SU is capable of making a great run and those who think SU is a paper tiger about to be hunted down before the week is over. Let's separate the fans from the frenemies.

Over at SBNation, Chris Dobbertean has the Syracuse going all the way to the Elite 8 before eventual National Champion Ohio State cuts them down.

Basketball Reference did a 10,000 Tournament simulation and found that, more often than not, the Orange made it to the Elite 8 there as well. SU also won the whole thing 244 times, so, that's something.

The Omni Rankings give Syracuse an 86% chance of beating ISU, 60% chance of making the Sweet 16, 40% chance of making the Elite 8 and 20% chance of making the Final Four.

Meanwhile, Yahoo! Sports says buyer beware of sending Syracuse far in your bracket based on recent history.

Rob Dauster at NBC Sports thinks Syracuse is one of the five teams you should absolutely avoid picking in your bracket.

Here's one guy who thinks Syracuse is one of the ten teams that can win the title.

Mike Rothstein sends the Orange to the Elite 8 against Ohio State.

Dana O'Neil is looking forward to the possibility of Syracuse-North Carolina, considering the last time those two coaches met in the NCAAs...

Andy Katz says if Syracuse plays up to its potential, this bracket could open up for the Orange to at least get to the Sweet 16.