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NCAA Tournament: Cleveland Close Enough To Be Annexed Into Syracuse City-State

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After some initial trepidations about the fact that we are likely to play a team from Ohio in the "third" round of the NCAA Tournament in Cleveland, reader JoeFieldsEra did some good detective work to show us just how not-far The Mistake is from Salt City.

Syracuse to Cleveland: 334 miles, 5 hours, 44 mins (according to Google Maps)

Xavier to Cleveland: 246 miles; 4 hours, 19 mins

Marquette to Cleveland: 435 miles; 7 hours, 46 mins

Indiana St to Cleveland: 394 miles; 6 hours, 51 mins

In case you're wondering, Atlantic City is 315 miles from Syracuse. And as we all know, when Syracuse played in Atlantic City it was as good as a home game. I can't imagine an extra 15 miles changes things.

So, guess what everyone??? CLEVELAND IS A HOME GAME!!!! Get ready to update the map.

In fact, Cleveland is only about 80 miles farther than Philadelphia and 60 miles  farther than Storrs, By all accounts, I fully expect Andy Katz, Dick Vitale and the rest of the ESPN crew to say they can't believe Syracuse hasn't left the NY/NJ/Ohio area since March began.