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SU Recruit Ashton Broyld Embroiled In 'Alleged Incident'

via <a href="" target="new">Vasiliy Baziuk/Messenger Post</a>
via Vasiliy Baziuk/Messenger Post

Incoming Syracuse football recruit Ashton Broyld is considered one of the gems of the 2012 class. He's expected to be a star sooner than later for the Orange. All he has to do between now and the Fall is keep his nose clean.

He's off to a rough start.

Word started trickling in on Friday that Broyld has himself a little incident during a Rush-Henrietta basketball game. Broyld either fouled out or was ejected over a technical (it's not clear) late in the Class AA regional qualifier vs. Irondequoit on Wednesday night. When that happened, he apparently threw a bit of a tantrum.

From there, things get "alleged."

Rumors of something unsavory going down after that point spread across the web and local radio shows. As for the specifics, until someone tells me one of them is true, I'm leaving them to speculation. But the rumors grew loud enough for the school to notice.

Unable to deny the rumor's existence, the Rush-Henrietta School District released a statement yesterday regarding the possible incident.

There has been talk on local radio shows that a member of the Rush-Henrietta varsity basketball team made an inappropriate gesture to spectators after the Royal Comets lost a state qualifier game to Irondequoit on Wednesday night.

The statement said the district is “aware of an alleged incident.” No one was named in the statement. No police report had been filed as of early this afternoon.

“The behavior described in the allegation is completely unacceptable,” according to the district’s statement. “We expect our student-athletes to be good ambassadors of the school district and community, and to display sportsmanship at all times.”

We'll await any further word on this. There's plenty of thoughts out there on the matter but let's wait until we get something concrete before thinking next steps.

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