The Ohio Myths

Hat tip to Desoto86, who clued me into this. But it's time we actually discuss how far away each of these schools ACTUALLY are from Cleveland.

Syracuse to Cleveland: 334 miles, 5 hours, 44 mins (according to Google Maps)

Xavier to Cleveland: 246 miles; 4 hours, 19 mins

Marquette to Cleveland: 435 miles; 7 hours, 46 mins

Indiana St to Cleveland: 394 miles; 6 hours, 51 mins

The truth is, Xavier is closer, but not by a lot. Their school is smaller, so their fanbase will be smaller, so the odds of them having a true "home game" are not that high. If you're willing to drive 4:19 to the site, you'll be willing to drive 5:44 to the site. It's not that different. Marquette and Indiana St are both farther away and will not be as likely to travel to the game as Syracuse fans, in my opinion.

DC would have been better, for sure (and I live in Alexandria, VA, so I was hoping for it), but Cleveland won't be a road game for us. And it's just another city to add to the Otto-man empire.