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Spring Football Day Two, Part Deux: Raupers Speaks!


Shane Raupers' comeback won't make him some triumphant S.U. folk hero (but if he nails some clutch field goals or fills in for coffin-punting Rob Long, who knows?). Truth is, he's just a kid who got homesick, made a mistake or two, quit kicking, and lost his scholarship. Credit the S.U. coaching staff for seeing potential in Raupers again; he was booming field goals during special teams drills yesterday.

(via ToneyNicholas)

Doug Marrone didn't like how scrappy his second practice got at the end. I'm sure a trip back home to MSG will smooth things out. 

(via ToneyNicholas)

Oh, and here's rehabbing Van Chew on where he stands in his recovery, and how well his fellow receivers looked yesterday. Enjoy!

(via ToneyNicholas)