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Syracuse Daily Links - Fab Melo & Kris Joseph Talk Orange Win

Bowl creates smiles in spring practice as Syracuse coach Doug Marrone begins retooling Orange :: The Republic
"This is spring ball. Really, the definition of spring ball is competition. Nothing is ever guaranteed in this game," Nassib said Tuesday night after the Orange opened spring practice in revamped Manley Field House. "You've really got to go out there every day and never think that you're owed anything and just keep competing. There's four, five other guys behind me that want the same job. You've really got to start anew, stay humble, just keep working."

Schedule analysis: Syracuse - Big East Blog - ESPN
In recent years, the Orange have scheduled a bit too aggressively out of conference. Last season, they dumbed things down with two FCS opponents on the docket. This schedule strikes a nice balance with two solid BCS opponents, plus respectable mid-majors and the requisite guarantee game against a lower-division foe. Other than USC, Syracuse should be favored to win all those nonconference games on paper, and they'll have a shot in Troy.

Le Orange | Scoop Jardine Finds Out He’s Not on an Intramural Basketball Team
"I was just fucking around because I thought these were intramural games," Jardine said during the 45-minute meeting. "This is D-1 basketball I guess. That’s what they told me. And the games actually matter? Oops."

Matt Harris' expanding role on Orange lacrosse team - Video |
Matt Harris, a true freshman on the Syracuse University men's lacrosse team, arrived as a close defender but has been playing lately as a reserve longstick midfielder behind star Joel White. Matt talks about playing in front of a big Carrier Dome crowd last week and his expanding role on the team.

Football has a PPL Problem? |
According to sources close to the situation, administrators at the University of Pittsburgh are unhappy with the idea of having such a small venue in the conference, and would prefer that Villanova plays it’s home games at a venue that can hold a minimum of 35,000 fans (to match Cincinnati’s Nippert Stadium).

In Syracuse, all eyes on the game: What the Big East understands, what baseball threw away |
In other words, this game achieves that rarest of qualities ... it becomes a literal part of the civic DNA, merging into the essence of our everyday lives. Now, if the advertising barons could find to get around the logistical weight of the Big East schedule, and if they could somehow broadcast this game at 9 p.m. tonight, they would undoubtedly generate a larger number of sheer viewers than they will when the ball gets tipped off this afternoon ...

Kemba Walker Produces Like Jonny Flynn Did; Should NBA Teams Be Wary? - From Our Editors -
In their core metrics, Kemba and Jonny are really, really alike. But there's one stat where they differ enough to give Walker fans in NBA circles some comfort.

The Big Picture: College football in the age of the two-year plan - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Most of the coaches who have won national championships since the turn of the century are still in the 50-and-over set, but almost half have done it in just their second year at their respective school.

Where Do The Best College Football Players Come From? - Corn Nation
Is this just a defensive line thing, or do all of college football's elite players predominantly come from the South? So I set out to do just what Staples did, only for every offensive position. Here's what I found: Every offensive player in the NFL, mapped by high school, grouped by college conference.

Fab Melo is all smiles during postgame interviews after the freshman had a career, breakout performance, via Ryan Miller.

Kris Joseph is in "Retro Jo" form with reporters discussing Syracuse's quarterfinal victory of St. John's in the Big East Tournament quarterfinals.