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Gerry McNamara: Living The Dream

Gerry McNamara knows a thing or two about Big East Tournaments. They're probably going to rename it the Gerry McNamara Tournament in a few years considering the impact he had on the tourney. Probably.

These days Gerry works the sidelines as an assistant on the Syracuse coaching staff. His stated objective is very Gerry McNamara-esque.

"His goal is to be the best coach that ever coached that game," Chiz said. "That's who he is. That's what he does."

By all accounts, McNamara is on a collision course with his destiny as the one-day head coach of Syracuse basketball.

"Gerry is a Syracuse lifer," Rautins said. "Watching him at practice sometimes, he looks like Boeheim. He sits and watches, hand on his lip. He'll just sit there, watching. But it's also a style Hopkins has. He gets people fired up like (Hopkins) does. They pattern each other, Gerry and Hop."

"I wanted to pursue a career in coaching," McNamara said. "I wanted to come back and do something I love for this Syracuse program."

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