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Syracuse Basketball: Rick Jackson's Day, BMK Is MIA

So this happened last night:



Dethie, you're going to be the dethie of Rob Murphy.

We'll assume Baye made it back in time to learn one or two more things from Rick Jackson before today's game against St. John's. BMK's going to want to soak up everything he can from Slick Rick.

As for Rick himself, the Daily Orange has a great write-up on the Big East Defensive Player of the Year and how he raised his game this season. I especially loved the part about how a doctor wanted to try and slow down Rick's growth as a child.

So for Jackson, the moment that would influence the rest of his basketball career happened in a cramped Philadelphia hospital patient's room. A simple checkup turned complicated when his doctor said Jackson was growing too fast. He wanted to give him a shot to slow his growth.

Worried, his mother, Joyce Thomas, considered the option.

"Listening to this doctor, I got scared," she said. "I was saying, ‘OK. It's not good? Slow it down then.'"

But when Rick Sr. heard of the possibility, his son said he "freaked out." At the same time, Dad put things in perspective. Rick Sr. stood at 6 feet 5 inches. His father was 6 feet 7 inches. No need to rush to a decision that could affect the rest of his son's life.

As usual, the medical community was wrong, wrong, wrong and Papa knew best.

Also cool, the fact that he said he and Scoop would go to college together when he was 11. He was correct. Ohh yeah that's prescient.